First BükClub Meeting on Wednesday

If you are interested, the first "official" BükClub meeting will be this Wednesday at 7:30pm. For those of you who do not know about this new project it is a new way to imagine a traditional book club.

It has been written and bemoaned by some that we have exchanged depth of relationship for breadth of relationships. We have fewer deep friendships but we have many more acquaintances than previous generations. I have suggested that we take this cultural shift and apply it to the book club concept.

In a traditional book club you become deeply familiar with one book - like a good friend. However, in BükClub each person reads one book and shares that book with others in the group in a quick format - like you meet acquaintances. By the end of the hour long BükClub meeting, each person has shared their book with 4 people and has become acquainted with 4 other books. This could spur you on to read one of those books, or it could spur you on to cross a book off your 'to read list' because you "get the book" enough in the short conversation.

I invite you to check out the BükClub website and check out some of the resources (BükClub Book plates are to come in the future). If you are not able to make this meeting, perhaps you can make next month OR start your own BükClub!