Thank you Neil, and I think I know what it means...

Recently my friend Neil sent this to me and I was not sure I understood.

Well, here he is at it again, however this time I think I get it.

Often times I am asked in the local church were I serve "how does one become a cultural architect of/for the Gospel?" While this is a multifaceted question with a number of answers, I think the biggest contributor to being a cultural architect of/for the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be creative.

Creativity is often thought of like eye color - some people have "it" (in this case blue eyes) and some people do not. But the fact of the matter is, creativity is less like eye color and more like eyes - everyone has eyes to see but some people practice looking.

The post Neil sent to me is one example of a person who walked through life seeing all sorts of things. In many cases, he saw the same things every day. But one day, he decided to practice looking. In his efforts to look at the world he no longer saw a boy as a possible set up for exploitation for money. He no longer saw an old man but looked at him in his eyes. He stopped looking for a moment and saw the world and what it was intended to be.

If you want to "be the change" or if you want to be a cultural architect live out of creativity. If you do not think you are creative, then perhaps the first step is to stop looking and see the world as God intends for it to be.

Who knows what story you will experience or what you will see.