Maximizers and Satisficers

If you do a quick google for the words "Maximizers and Satisficers" you will come across all sorts of articles and blogs talking about these two different styles we all evoke to make decisions. It is rather fascinating to me that we each have these two styles in us depending upon the nature of the decision.

A quick overview:
Maximizers - making and optional decision or action after every known option is examined.
Satisficers - making a decision or take action once set criteria are met.

I am not a social scientist at all. I only have a basic understanding of these two decision making styles and do not claim expert status. However, I could not help but think about these two options and how different people respond to this blog.

Maybe some of us when it comes to the topics written about are Maximizers and others are Satisficers. For some of us, we know a lot of options and spend a lot of time reading other sources in order to come to a decision. Others, of us may not spend as much time looking at all the options of faith and that is okay with us - we are satisfied with what we know and it "works".

I don't know about all the connections here - maybe there are no connections at all - but I share this with anyone who is reading this. What areas in your life do you Mazimize and what ares in your life do you Satisfiy? Here is a worksheet you can work through to self examine.

The research that I come across points that Satisficers tend to be happier in life, but that just is not always the case either. Here is a person who is stoked to be a Mazimizer.