My responses to the questions by the Bishop

Several weeks ago I shared some questions which the Bishop asked of those of us in the process of ordination. I asked if anyone had thoughts on these questions and I only had one taker (thank you Tex).

So, in an effort to move toward what I think the intention of the Bishop was (to spark conversation) I wanted to share the questions again, and the responses which I gave to the group that weekend.

Just a reminder, I have not modified these at all. These are the exactly what I shared with the group and were done with as little preparation as others have had when I asked these questions.

1) Using 25 words of less, who is Jesus?
"The one I follow who has liberated us from cycles of violence and blame and reconciled us to God, neighbor and world."

2) What are the three cardinal convictions of your Christian Faith?
1) There is an alternate way to live that overturn the myth of redemptive violence.
2) Jesus Christ embodies what it looks like to be fully human by living a life full of God.
3) Stories shape our lives and the Biblical Story of God has and does change the world.

3) What are three meaningful scriptural passages for you?
"Fishers of Men"
Mark 5
Woman caught in adultly

4) What difference does Christianity make in my life?
Myth of redemptive violence verses Redemptive Grace (ethics)
Reactive verses Proactive living (confidence/personal identity)
Life-giving verses neutral (shapes my world view)

I know these may or may not make sense without further conversation, but that is the point of this post - to generate conversation.