How fast are we willing to fail?

"It’s important that nobody gets mad at you for screwing up. We know screwups are an essential part of making something good. That’s why our goal is to screw up as fast as possible."

—Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3

I ran across this quote the other day and it really jazzed me up in regards to the life of the church. What I mean is that we seem to have a great aversion (generally speaking) to failure in the life of the church. I have yet attended a clergy meeting which everything was not a 'success'. If there are failures that are brought up in conversations, I am not privy to those conversations.

So I share this quote with you, those readers who humble me with your time, in order to ask the question, "When and where was the last time you failed in ministry?"

Are you failing fast enough?

I will post tomorrow the last time I failed.