Time with the bishop

Had the opportunity to join my fellow "to be ordained" peers a bit ago for a day with the Bishop. Bishop Lowery came to share a bit about evangelism as he sees it. To be honest it was rather benign - not very conservative or liberal. He had us read Apostolic Congregation by George Hunter. This book was more controversial than what the Bishop shared, which may have been intentional on his part. One of the takeaways from our time with the Bishop were a serious of questions which he invited us to take back to our local churches.

It is in that spirit that I share these questions here and see what sorts of 'bites' I get.

1) Using 25 words of less, who is Jesus?
2) What are the three cardinal convictions of your Christian Faith?
3) What are three meaningful scriptural passages for you?
4) What difference does Christianity make in my life?

Without stating the obvious, one can see the personal nature of these questions. There is not "one answer" to these questions. Thus, there were interesting answers to these questions because it addressed the personal nature of Christ in each person's life.

In the coming lessons for Sunday schools, I will be asking these questions and fleshing this out a bit more.