One year ago...

A year ago I installed software on this blog that tracks different bits of information from the number of visits it gets in a day to the amount of people who use Firefox or Internet Explore to view the site. These "analytics" are interesting to me and really fuel my ego.

A year ago today this site had 11 visits. All of those visits were from computers in Texas and 5 of those visits were people who had visited the site at least once before. Here is a link to what those 11 people saw that day:

Fast forward a year and, according to the same analytic software, yesterday (I do not have the full report for today) this same site had 49 visitors from 7 different states (TX, CA, PA, AR, OK, NC, and NY) and 12 of those people had never visited before.

For those of you still reading, what I want to share is a humble thank you. These numbers are noting to write home about but I am overwhelmed that anyone (much less 50 people) would, in the middle of their day, log on to read and sometimes comment on the garble that I post here.

So thank you for taking the time to read and respond. Thank you for willing to engage this blog even if most of you are family and close friends. Thank you for reminding me that everyone is more influential than we each think.