I am sorry and I seek forgiveness.

In light of my Lenten journey this year, I need to confess something. I am not proud of this and I am honestly going to work on stopping this behavior in an active way. It is my hope that we all would identify the areas of our lives where we are not super proud and perhaps keep it in the shadows of our lives. It is my hope that this Easter I would allow the light of Christ to shine into my life so that the shadows and dark places of my soul would experience the Grace, love and forgiveness of my God and neighbor.

It is in this spirit of inviting the light of Christ into my soul as well as inviting all of us to self examine, I want to apologize as publicly as I can, to all the people whom I have made fun of under my breath. I am sorry that I walked passed you and assumed I knew your story and judged you. I am sorry that I walked behind you and "knew" that you must be greedy and materialistic. I am sorry that I said to others that you "think you are cool and very important."

I am sorry for the times which I have looked down on people whom I thought were trying too hard to fit in or become just another "plastic" person. I am sorry that I judged you for the past many years through high school even to today. It is not intentional. I am working on not assuming I "know you" and each time I catch myself condescending you I promise I will stop, say a prayer of forgiveness and replace my thoughts with three reasons why God loves you and I do to.

I humbly ask forgiveness from both you and God for my immature behavior.

I ask anyone else who has participated in this same sin to join me in seeking repentance and help keep each other accountable.