I wonder what her last name was...

I was at a local eatery getting my wife some take out. The woman behind the counter asked for my name, so when the order was completed my name would be called out to notify me. I told her my name but then the conversation turned a bit and went a bit like this:

"I am curious to know if you ever come across any odd names in your line of work? I am sort of in the name business myself, but I bet you have some interesting name stories."

"Weird that you should ask that question tonight, because this afternoon I had a woman named (and I will spell if phonetically for you the reader as best as I can) 'Naw-zee". When I asked her how to spell that she said, "Nazi". Naw-zee."

I walked away, dumbfounded at the notion that anyone would name their child Nazi, regardless of the pronunciation. I know we all have weird name combinations we have heard of, but this one, now stands on the top of my "I cannot believe that name" list.