Amazon Kindle Love

I dropped my kindle. I dropped it in a way that lead to the death of the screen. I dropped it on the corner and the shock waves went through the screen and while it is still readable, it is such a poor quality that it is miserable. Needless to say, I was crushed.

I called Amazon.

I spoke with a woman in Ireland who after looking at my status and warranty and account, she saw that my situation fit within the limits of the one year warranty. She was going to ship a new one and I would have it the next day!

That was the good news.

More good news came when she said that I needed to mail the broken one back and she was sending a prepaid postage to use.

Excellent news.

Finally, she said, I am sorry but we are low in stock on your version so I am going to have to UPGRADE you for free. Will that be a problem?


I nearly cried. Here I was, broken Kindle and she worked to get me a new one, next day, free postage and then she asked me if if the free upgrade would be a problem for me!

No. No problem at all.

I have been an Amazon fan for some time now. Even if I did not have this experience I still would use Amazon.

But now... Now I am a walking billboard for Amazon.

You need a book? Have you looked at Amazon?
Looking at the Nook or IPad? Those are okay, but I LOVE my Amazon Kindle.

Amazon, I am a fanatic, and each year I will post on this blog the greatness of Amazon and retell this story as a way of thanking you for your wonderful customer service and support.