Relish, M&Ms and a Pepsi

That is what she bought in the express check out line at Target this afternoon. She was in scrubs and looked tired. I have no idea what here story was. Why would she need these random things? I did not ask.

I was buying yogurt for my son who has not slept well in 4 days and beer for my wife and I who also have not slept well for 4 days. I wonder if the people behind me were wondering what my story was just as I was wondering what the Relish/M&M/Pepsi woman's story was? They did not ask.

I feel I missed an opportunity to learn a story of a woman. I missed an opportunity to share grace with my fellow child of God. I missed a story. I did not engage the people behind me with my own story about the yogurt and beer (which seems just as random). I just stood in line, like a cow standing waiting to be milked.

I went to Target to get a couple of things, but I missed the opportunity to hear another's story. I missed an opportunity to be enriched by another person.

There was a person I have heard of who likes to make stories out of numbers. For instance when he steps up to pump gas into his car, he sees the dollar number left over from the previous customer. He makes a story about that number and prays for that person in the story.

$12.02 - a person was in a hurry and over squeezed for a round dollar amount. He prays for the people who are rushed.

$5.00 - a young person with little money to buy gas. He prays for the poor.

$45.35 - a WASP driving an SUV just got a full tank of gas. He prays for the restoration of creation.

Be it in the express line at Target or the gas pump at 7-11, we have opportunities to enter into another's story. We have opportunities to listen to others and/or to pray for others.

I missed a chance today, but later Estee and I are getting pizza delivered. Maybe the pizza delivery person has a story to share?