Psalm 27 and Rene Girard

A couple Sundays ago I had the privilege to sit in on a class taught by the Revered Melissa Nichols. Melissa and I worked at Arlington Heights UMC together until her retirement, and yet I am not sure there was ever a chance for me to sit in and learn from her in a "teaching" situation. So this was a treat for me.

One of the things Melissa brought to the class was Psalm 27.

As the Psalm was read I could not but help but see the connections to the thinking of Rene Girard (one of my theological lenses I use and has been very formative for me). Here are some of the things that stuck me as I reflected on this Psalm in light of Girard.

The author might feel like the scapegoat to the adversaries that are encamped around him. Being in such a situation where the mob is against you and you are being accused, the accused turn to the Advocate/Paraclete/Redeemer God for salvation. Even if that mother and father forsake or turn against the scapegoat God will never stand against the scapegoat. Notice the adversaries and false witnesses are breathing violence which is in direct contrast the the breathing people of God are called to breath (I posted a bit about breathing here and here and here).

This should be developed later, but I wanted to get it down in order not to forget.