Hold this baby. I think I see a leak.

Over the course of many conversations I have had with people who either do not know, do not understand, have an oversimplificational view or people who refuse to hear about the post-modern world view. Some of these conversations have been easier to have than others, but all of the conversations have been fun and fruitful for my development at a Christian. Of the many things that come up in conversation regardless of the type of person I am able to engage a conversation with, one objection stands out in particular.

While it comes in many forms, typically it is expressed that post-moderns/deconstructionalists are throwing the baby out with the bath water. Perhaps this is because of my lacking ability to communicate things that I am struggling with (such as Universal truth claims). Perhaps it is something else, but, for instance, when calling into question universal truth claims I am often met with a degree of astonishment and dismay that I could even make such a question. It is as though the very thought of discrediting universal truth claims under minds the entire society by which we stand. Thus, I hear that I am throwing the baby out with the bath water. By calling into question universal truth claims I am calling into question the ability for anyone to make any truth claim at all!

This is silly.

Of course we all make truth claims. Of course there are things that are universal (for instance, there are certain biological factors that must happen in order for a person to be able to stay alive on their own accord). I am not calling into question so much the act of making universal truth claims, but I am calling into question the truth claims which are seen by many as common sense or foundational for Christianity.

I do not think I am trying to throw the baby out with the bath water, rather I think I am setting the baby aside and emptying the water and examining the tub.

Does the bathtub hold water? Does it leak? Do we need a bigger or smaller tub? Has the baby outgrown this tub? Are there more than one babies we need to bathe?

It could very well be that the post modern experiment will return to all of the answers that we already have. And post moderns will be the first to admit the failure of the post modern quest. We will be the first people to say, "You know what, the tub is great and it will continue to work perfectly. Now where is that baby?"

Why some threatened by or concerned for those who want to examine the integrity of the bathtub?