Transfiguration Sermon

February 14th in the liturgical calendar is Transfiguration Sunday and as we are in the cycle of Luke, the Gospel reading for that day is Luke 9:28-36.

I am curious to know what you:
Have heard about this text.
What you see/hear in the reading as you read it today.
What questions pop out at you.

I have heard from a few people last night and they had these comments:

Questions that came up:
  • What color clothes were Jesus' prior to the transfiguration?
  • Did Jesus' clothes remain dazziling white after the mountain-top experience?
  • How did we get this story if only three where there and they fell asleep?
  • Is there a past/present/future connection (Moses/Elijah/Jesus)?
  • Is this a story to help Jesus or the inner circle?

  • "I think of Moses for some reason in this story going up Mount Sinai"

Things that people said they have heard about this story:
  • Moses is connected to the Law, Elijah is connected to the Prophets and Jesus is placed in the middle of this great company representing a new covenant.
  • This story connects Jesus to the OT and not breaking from his tradition.

Do you have anything to offer or add to these?