Theologizing "What Matters Now"

I want to take sometime and theologize on some of the mini essays of the “What Matters Now” book project. While I know I will not address each essay, I wanted to begin to address many of them over 2010. If you want to read all of these essays or if you want to read the entire mini essay that I will tackle, I want to point you to search for this free book online. I will just take what I consider the essence and blurbs of these mini essays and attempt to make connections to the Trinitarian God, Christianity, Church, and theology. So I invite you to read download this book, give it a read, and if you find a mini essay that speaks to you on any level, send it my way and I will do my best to get to it.

Tomorrow I will post a response on Michael Hyatt’s mini-essay in the “What Matters Now” project – “Vision”