Not a football fan but Vikings fans...

I am about as superstitious as the next sports fan. I do not have a lucky couch I sit on while I watch a game (heck I only have one couch so it is luck neutral). However, I do live my sports life by the rules I learned in the playground in my time. And last night, there was a straight violation of the playground rules on calling a coin toss.

If you did not play sports or gambled on a coin toss, you may not have heard but:

"Tails never fails."

That is right. I don't care about odds. Don't give me the math. It is not a 50/50 chance. Tails never fails.

Going into overtime, with a Superbowl berth on the line, the Vikings call the coin toss. It went like this:

Ref: "Call it in the air."
Viking player: "Heads" (Saints fans began to cheer as they know they have won the toss before it is even flipped.)
Ref flips the coin.


So, while not theological or even very deep. If you ever find yourself in the NFC Championship game calling a coin toss to go into overtime.

Tails never fails.