God, I hope you are not in heaven when we get there.

You might have had this experience...

Under the Christmas tree sat a present. I had no idea what was in it. I spent two weeks wondering what it was. I thought I knew what it was. But I had no idea. I had dreams of what it was. I imagined all sorts of thing. I could not wait to open it.

It was a box of socks.

Regardless of what was in that box, once I knew what it was I no longer thought about it. I no longer spent time thinking about it. I no longer had dreams or imagined about it. I just used the socks.

When I think of God it seems to me that God is like that box under the tree in some respects. I wonder about it. I think about it. I have no idea what it is. I dream about it. I imagine about it. I cannot wait to know what it is.

But the thing is as soon as I know what God is, the mystery is gone. The excitement is gone. The imagination is gone.

While I am sure God is not a box of socks, I hope that when we move to the next life God is not there. Because then I will have no reason to dream, imagine, or sit in wonder. I will have God but I will no longer have myself.

Rather, when we move into the next life, I hope for another box.