With all the information on the internet from the news reports coming in to the many viral videos circulating around. The emails which have been forwarded 100 times to the RSS reader "bolding" with each new blog post. Twitter and Facebook. Email and Texting.

I have never felt a greater need for filters in my life. Not so much filters to keep things clean or pure, but filters to keep the extra stuff out of that which I seek. It is like these filters are able to help me focus on what "is" rather than what "is not".

There are several filters in my life I use to remove the 'noise' in this information-polooza.

Facebook filter status updates. filter viral videos. filter books.
Google Reader to filter all the blogs I follow.
Kyle Roberson to filter all things emergent church related.
Wikipedia to filter all my 'unknown' topics.
Rene Girard filters the way I read the Bible.
My wife filters true love. .
Seth Godin and TED talks filter the new and cutting edge.
TIME Magazine filters the news.
Nancy Allen filters spiritual things.
Mom and Dad filter love and support.
My brother filters the a lot of fun for me.
My son filters joy and innocence.

Who or what are your filters? What sources do you trust to filter out all the noise in your life?