Who would have thought Mums piss people off

Recently heard of a minister in Grapevine Texas who wrote an article about the exorbitant cost of homecoming mums these days. This link will take you to an article with a synopsis as well as two links: the original article as well as Rev. Dr. Ryan's follow up column.

I had no idea that mums could piss a lot of people off.

While reading these articles I was considering what if instead of a button to advocate for the "Ban the Mum feed 33 children" (which is a good idea), what if the UMC woudl create alternate mums. The UMC could sell these mums for a fraction of the cost (say $50?) and $10 could go to mum creation and the other $40 could go to feed children.

I applaud the good Reverend Doctor Ryan to speak out, I only hope the rest of the UMC would be willing to not only critique and condemn culture but create new culture.