How is Marge Simpson any different from the others?

While I do not read Playboy magazine, there has been a bit of buzz about the recent cover of this months issue featuring Marge Simpson.

If you have been under a rock for the past several decades, Marge Simpson is a cartoon character from the long running "Simpsons".

I have no idea why Marge Simpson was chosen for the cover of the magazine. I probably should do some research, but I have reservations of looking up playboy information on the church computer. Therefore, I may be uninformed and my take on this might be a common thread of thought in this conversation, however I wonder something about this?

How is Marge Simpson any different from the other cover girls?

Some would say this difference is obvious, Marge Simpson is a drawing of a woman. She is not real. And I would agree. But I would also submit the women who usually dawn the cover of Playboy also are so highly airbrushed that they are also 'drawn'. I would also submit the usual cover girl is not real.

So, while I do think it is weird that a fictional character is on the cover of Playboy, I am not surprised.

It happens every month.