Give me a big piece!

There is a guy at our church who, every Sunday when communion is celebrated, he comes to the front and kneels like everyone else. The difference is this guy, Jimmy, is never satisfied with the usual ration of bread. He always says, "Big piece. Give me a big piece."

And no matter how much you give Jimmy, he seems disappointed that the portion you gave him did not meet his "big piece" requirement. He always seems to want a bigger piece.

I shared this with a group of friends I meet with each Friday and the two people who heard me both smiled and affirmed in me what I think is awesome.

Jimmy, although he is on about a 3rd grade level, understands communion. At least he understands communion in a way that I have do not (or maybe ever will).

Joy Roberson suggested one communion Sunday to celebrate by giving people giant portions of bread. "Jimmy sized" pieces, if you will. This action then be used to talk about the banquet of God in which all have in abundance and no one is hungry.

That might not be a bad idea. What do you think?