Ran across this sign on I-30

It stated "Jesus affirmed a gay couple. Matthew 8:5-13"

As a minister I am required to have a Bible on me at all times and so I quickly turned and found Matthew 8:5-13.

Now this is an interpretation that I have not ever thought of or heard of. It is interesting to consider.

However, then I could not get past the point that this voice of inclusion is just proof-texting their arguments.

The left hates when the right says, "In the Bible it says..." Then the left goes out and says "In the Bible it says..." As though this would put a definitive answer to the question at hand.

If you take the time to read the Bible verse you will see it is not explicitly about a homosexual couple. But like any good proof text, it could be read into the text to affirm a position. We could also use this text to say Jesus affirmed the military.

Either way, in my opinion this is an abuse of Scripture. And it surprises and frustrates me to see it coming from left field when I am expecting it from the right.