Praise and Thanksgiving

I have never considered the difference in these two things. But Christians use these two words a lot.

"We give praise and thanks to you God."

What is the difference in praise and thanksgiving? Is this not redundant?

It never really dawned on me until I read a notation by Dr. Toni Craven where she notes these two actions are very similar. However, thanksgiving is acknowledge the gifts in our life come from God. Whereas praise is acknowledging why God should be thanked.

I wonder if we thank God so much because it is easy. It is easy to say thanks for the food. Thanks for the roof. Thanks for the friends.

But why should we give thanks to God (praise)? Is it only because God gives us what we have? If so then doesn't that make God into something of a giant Santa Clause? Giving gifts to all people.

Rather, I encourage you to take a moment or two and reflect on WHY we should praise God? Would we praise God if God did not provide or give anything to us?