Phone number can over ride reason

The explanation given by the experimenters from yesterday, argued that the longer number kept the frontal cortex busier and was thus unable to out shout the more primal and lower brain areas. Therefore those with a shorter number still had the energy from their higher brain areas to 'reason' the healthier choice, while those with the longer number did not have as much higher brain function to talk sense to the lower regions.

And so the longer number was enough to occupy the higher brain areas to encourage less healthy choices.

Although this is a rather trivial choice, if this is extrapolated out to take into account the more complex things we are keeping in our brain at any given time as well as the complex decisions we are asked to make, this experiment could speak a to a larger problem.

If this is true, that is our higher brain areas can be preoccupied by even the simplest things, then it is all the more important to take time out of our days (perhaps 5 times?) to center our thoughts or quiet our minds so that we are able to free our higher brain areas.