The electrical tape of the brain - Myelin

Back in May, KERA Think's Krys Boyd conducted an interview with Daniel Coyle who shared a bit about his book The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How. While I highly desire to read this book, and encourage anyone to listen to this podcast there is one aspect of the interview that really slammed home for me.

Narrative therapy assumes that there are many stories we tell ourselves and hear, but there are some which become dominate and play out in our lives. The role of the narrative therapist is to help people hear the absent but implicit story that is not hear or even known. Once these other stories are able to be heard then the individual has a choice to live out the story they want to live out. Narrative therapy does not try to remove the other stories, because those stories are part of the person's life, but rather give the ability to live a different story.

In the podcast interview, Coyle argues there is this stuff in our brains called Myelin which works like electrical tape in our brains. As different parts of our brain becomes wired together, myelin is a tissue that wraps around these wires and makes the connection stronger and keeps it from connecting to other parts of the brain.

The thing about Myelin is you and I cannot unwrap it. We can only wrap new Myelin.

This connects with the Narrative Therapy approach in that we do not (because we often cannot) remove connections or stories in our lives. But the Good News is, we can create new stories, new realities, new lives.

The Good News is we can can always wrap new tape.