Chism was on fire

Sunday's sermon the other day continues to be with me, especially one line, "Failure comes not because of who we are but who we think we are not."

As one who has only dabbled in Narrative Therapy for my own pastoral counseling, this quote seems to fit very nicely into my understanding of Narrative.

In a nutshell, narrative approach argues that we each have different stories which we choose to listen to and thus live out. A couple might say, "we fight all the time." This is a story they may be choosing to live out. For one, they do not fight ALL the time. There are times when they did not fight, in fact there are times when they might even like one another. However, for many reasons, they have forgotten how to hear other stories and only hear "we fight all the time."

Narrative helps people hear the other stories in their lives which they may have forgotten, not heard or ignored. It also then allows people to choose which stories they would like to listen to and live out.

Thus when Jerry says, "Failure comes not because of who we are but who we think we are not" it is true. Failure can come when we allow certain stories to dominate our lives and drown out other stories.

And so, I ask, what stories are you listening to?