Wanna travel through time. Fear the future.

For the first time in many years (the vast majority of my life) I do not have to prepare for classes. With the completion of my Masters in May of this year, this is the first time I can recall when I do not have the pending doom of class to countdown my summer to.

However, Estee still has her countdown to her classes. She will graduate in December of this year so this makes for her last semester.

As she and I were talking the other day and she said something that I have said in the past but not really thought about it.

"Uh. Class starts in like two weeks. This summer has gone by so fast. I cannot believe it is over."

Possibly the only reason I even made note of this comment was because I noticed that I did not feel the same way. My summer had not gone by fast at all. In fact I was excited for the summer to be over!

It could be that she and I had different summer experiences and thus made time 'move' differently for each of us. Or it could also be the more we worry/fear the future the more quickly time seems to pass us by.

Estee not only begins her last semester but also moves to a full time position in the beginning of September. These both are high stress anxiety laden events. Time moved quickly.

I am just doing what I am doing with no big changes in the coming future. Time moved slow.

Although this is not the most thought out of ideas and could be written more eloquently, the point is made. If we fear the future, does time move by us faster than if we do not fear the future?

What are the implications of those theologies which use fear as a way of behavior modification? What are the implications of those theologies which focus on dismaying fear?

Do you fear the future? How is time moving for you?