Faith and Doubt - Two sides of one coin

I had the privilege the other night to speak at Licensing School for those who are in process to become ministers of the Church. This was a big deal to me although this may not be a big deal to anyone else.

Anyway, while there I heard an exercise which was credited to someone else (I cannot recall who). What do you think?

I reach into my wallet and pull out a bill and hid it from everyone so no one can see it. I tell the person in the front row, "I have just pulled out a $5 bill from my wallet. Do you believe this is true?" Regardless of what you respond with to that question, all you have to base your response on is faith that what I have stated is true. Thus, when I reveal I have indeed pulled out a $5 bill, I have removed from your mind all doubt. At the same time, once I reveal to you the $5 bill, I also have removed all faith.

Interesting to consider...

Faith is needed for doubt and doubt is needed for faith.