Will YOU tell God that I have been really busy lately...

At Starbucks the other day with my mentor and friend, Kyle. We were talking about stuff which we were excited about when I saw a woman order coffee who attends the congregation I work with. I walked up to her as she was adding milk to her drink and said hello.

Of course I forgot her name until after she left, but recalled her kids names and asked about them. It was a normal conversation which everyone has 10 times a day. Then something happened in the conversation which is beginning to happen more and more. She apologized.

"Sorry we have not been at church lately..." "Things are busy and you know..." "We plan to get back..." etc.

I used to be put off by these comments as though, as Rob Bell says, I am carrying around a clipboard checking names off a list of who is and who is not in worship on Sunday. But this time was different. I began to wonder if her families lack of attendance at Sunday worship and congregation involvement is not because of her schedule or life situation but the church's in ability to express and show relevancy, nourishment, and/or connection to the lives of this family?

Parents find school for their kids very important. So important in fact that it affects where people move and even housing values!

When was the last time someone bought a house because it was in a certain church's district?

Is it because people believe schools are relevant, nourishing and connect to their lives and churches do not?