Mowing the grass is my spiritual discipline

So I got this mower that has rotating blades, something one might call an 'old timey' mower. I have noticed something in both times I have used it, mowing has become a spiritual discipline for me.

I grew up with a gas mower. Although it was self propelled, you could disengage that function and push it yourself. Regardless of how quick or slow I would walk, that mower would cut without fail.

This is not the case with 'old timey'. If you walk too quickly the blades move to fast and the grass cannot get in a position to be cut. If you move too slow the blades do not move fast enough and just bend the grass. You have to walk at controlled pace with intention.

It has become something I look forward to doing. Walking with intention and control. Hearing the blades glide making a shearing sound which functions like an "om" a Hindu might say in meditation.

Although I am sure the gas mower is faster, I also have come to discover that it also robbed me of something quite amazing. Walking with intention and control.

It is like I walk a labyrinth each time I mow the grass.

I better get going, the grass looks a little high...