Ego + Journaling - Social Skills = Blogging

I was asked the other day if I kept a journal. I said that I blogged. This person's head tilted and asked, "Why do that? Is there anything personal about blogging? Isn't it all just 'out there'?"

Yes. Yes it is.

And for me, that is what makes blogging greater than journaling. Because it is out there for people to read keeping the blog fresh or posting new posts is vital. If it were not kept up then not only am I not journaling anything but also readers are not reading.

Thus anyone who stops by this humble blog is keeping me accountable to the discipline of journaling. It is almost as though, for me, blogging is journaling PLUS accountability.

And so, I blog in order to keep my mind working and looking for posts. I blog so that people can read and post so that I would keep blogging. This cycle keeps me from dropping the blog/journal discipline all together.

So for those of you out there who may feel guilty for not journaling, I submit that you try blogging. Your readers will keep you from dropping the discipline.