Suspending time

When Estee and I travel long distances, sometime along the trip we both exclaim, "I am ready to get out of this car!" But something interesting happens when we arrive, Estee likes to sit in the car for a bit. I never really understood this. Why not jump out and shake and scream and get the blood flowing to all parts of the body? Instead, she likes to sit for a bit. What an odd thing to consider in light of what we both exclaimed earlier in the car ride.

But the other day I sat in a chair we have and was in a very uncomfortable position but was so tired I did not move for a bit. Eventually I became very comfortable even when Estee said, "How can you be comfortable sitting like that?" I found myself sitting there not wanting to move at all. It was more than just my body physically getting used to being in that position, but my mind was very comfortable. I knew that when I got up, I would go to bed, wake up and the troubles of the next would come. But while I sat in that chair, I felt like I was suspending time.

Have you ever felt like you were in an uncomfortable position, which you became to content in to move?

Have you ever felt like you were suspending time?

Estee suspends time in the car. I was in a chair. Where are you?