There is only one good reason to take Sabbath...

I continue to struggle with why I should take Sabbath. Biblically I find several reasons (remember God, rest like God rested, worship, family/community interaction, set a group separate from the society, etc.) but in American society it seems there is only one good reason to take Sabbath - so you can work harder/better.

If I were to sit in my office and just take Sabbath time, people would think I am lazy or do not have a lot to do. Even if you take an extended Sabbath time (a Sabbatical for instance) you are expected to 'produce' something during that time.

Here is America the only good reason to rest is so that you can work.

But what if we switched that thinking around? What if the only good reason to work was to rest? What if the only reason we would work ourselves into the ground was to enjoy Sabbath? How would that change our world?

Are Christians call to take Sabbath to work. Or are Christians called to work to take Sabbath?