Ressurection is hard...

During the Sunrise worship on Easter Sunday, the youth had developed a theme of "Resurrection, Renewal, and Response". Each of these words had an experiential prayer station which everyone was invited to participate in. The resurrection station had plexi-glass which was painted black and people were invited to scratch off the paint (think like an etch-a-sketch) in order to allow the light to shine through. This was to "resurrect" these sheets of plastic which were cast away, dark, and considered dead.

Here is a couple of the squares which was completed.

At the conclusion of the "station time" we invited people to share their reflections and experiences. There were many things shared that were rich in meaning and built on the metaphors we were working with, but one person shared with us something that I found very true.

When speaking of the resurrection station someone stated, "The paint was thicker than I thought it would be and I found it hard to etch anything into the glass. I really had to work at it. It was difficult to do. So too is resurrection, it is hard to do."

Often times I think we tend to look at a person and think, "This person is too thick. I really will have to work to help this person. It will be difficult. I think I would just rather leave them alone." And maybe that is something that makes God a bit different than humanity, God is willing to resurrect and we are willing to let things die.