High transition

I have never been a fan of people telling me about how busy they are. Everyone is busy. Everyone is stressed. Even though I am a post-Structuralist/post-modernist, I would be willing to affirm the universal truth that everyone is busy. And by everyone I mean only the people I encounter in my daily travels. (Post Structuralist jokes are not that funny.)

Anyway, I have found that I am in a high transition period time in my life right now.
Graduating from Seminary with a Masters (who would have thought this Valendy would be a "Master" of anything?)
  • Redefinition of my role at work
  • Moving into our first non-apartment house
  • Beginning my residency time (a three year period before I am fully ordained as a UMC elder)
  • Trying to move the youth program from a single personality model to a contemplentative model
  • Watching my son's "firsts" (walking, standing, etc.) happen so quickly while at the same time experiencing some of my son's "lasts" (night time feedings, crawling, etc.)

All of this is happening in a matter of about one month, give or take a couple of days.
So I wonder if it is normal to be feeling stressed out about all this or if I am just "bragging" about how busy my life is in order to feed some deep unconsciousness I have?