Do you have it all together?

I am sure you have been asked for money from someone who is on the street. I often pride myself of being able to deal with any request which may come from a person in need. If the request is food, I take them to get whatever they would like. Gas? We go to a gas station and get enough to fill the tank. Bus pass? I can get you several.

But I got hit up with a request the other day and I had no clue what to do.

“Hey man, you got any weed?”

It really took me for a loop. I had no idea what to respond with. I had just purchased some milk and oatmeal for my son and my only response was, “I got oatmeal you can have.” To which he said, “Oatmeal! That won’t work!”

Won’t work?

I was confused, felt awkward and continued to walk home with my head down avoiding eye contact out with anyone out of shame.

Reflecting on this incident, I wanted to ask, “have you ever felt like you had all your stuff together only to be confronted with a situation which you never considered and it threw you for a loop?”

What would you have done?