Meeting a celebrity

Yes, you are seeing that correct. I met Rick Stacy. For those of you not local to DFW area, Rick Stacy's claim to fame is not in the selling of furniture but in the burning of U.S. currency. His famous tag line, "If you're not shopping at Stacy's, you're burning money!", would be said as burning money would appear in the ad somewhere. It was great. You will notice Mr. Stacy and I are cheek to cheek. I am just as surprised as you, but it was Mr. Stacy who pulled me to his cheek. It was great. If only I liked his furniture I would visit this man's stores. He was great.

However this was just one of the wonderful things which happened to me last Friday at a charity auction (in which Mr. Stacy was the auctioneer, and a good one at that!)

First of all I realized we are in a post-christian context because it was Friday during lent and we were served "Flank Steak". Red meat on Friday in Lent is traditionally a no-no. But, we are in Texas and here, red meat rules.

Secondly, there was a hunting trip auctioned off. Not a big deal, however it was sponsored by a local funeral home. I think the funeral home is praying for an accident on the trip in order to drum up business. In these economic times, you need to be creative. Kudos to you Lucas Funeral Home.

There were 2 strands of pearls auctioned off. One went for $1,000 and then it was announced by the winner that he was giving the pearls to a young lady who worked in their home. I though she took care of the elderly in their home, but Estee informed me she was more of a maid. So egg on my face.

Finally, I have to say I have to go on record and say I have yet to find a comedian who is advertised as a "Christian Comic" funny at all. The guy I saw on Friday night was no exception. It was bad. I felt like I was sitting next to Simon, Randy and Paula in the first round of American Idol when they listen to the people who are their because they have a really supportive mom. I don't want to be mean, I could not do stand up comedy at all, but it was really not good.

Anyway, that was a good Friday.