Narrative Theology

Narrative approach is about raising awareness to a story which has gotten lost in the messiness of life.

For instance, a man is in prison and is told they are a criminal and no longer serve as a contributing member of society. A therapist comes along and talks with the individual and then goes back to his office. Three years later, the criminal and therapist talk again and the criminal says, "You changed my life! Our session together made me want to become a better person and seek out parole. I am getting out of prison and going into social work. You are a great and wonderful person."

The therapist says, "I do not remember ever talking with you. What did we talk about?

"You told me I had a high I.Q."

The therapist did not do anything at all, he did not make this person have a higher I.Q. All he did was raise to the surface a story which was already there but lost in the dominate story of 'you are a criminal and have nothing to offer society.'

I think the reason I put so much pressure on myself for lessons and sermons is because I feel a deep need to raise to the surface stories which are down out by a more dominate story. I think there is a great deal of freedom when the another story is given equal footing to a particular (potentially damaging and dangerous) dominate Christian story.

Yes, Jesus died for sin (this is the dominate story) but there are so many other reasons Jesus died that to give those stories voices I think would bring people back to and into the church.

It did for me.