Metaphor + Foraging = Metaphor-aging

Dr. Marcia McFee writes that worship leaders should be people who are able to find different metaphors for meaning. We should be people who forage for metaphors. We should be metaphoragers.

I am sure she would agree, but this idea is not located with just worship leaders but all people; and especially those who follow Jesus Christ - the greatest metaphorager we have come to know.

When talking of the Kingdom of God (KoG) Jesus told parables of things which he found right around him. He did not need to go to the ends of the earth to find metaphors to talk of the KoG, he was skilled enough to do create parables with that which was close at hand.

A mustard plant.
A wedding banquet.
A lost coin.
A King.
A sheep.

We practiced being metaphoragers in youth one night. We asked the youth to think of an object and then complete this sentence:

God is like ___________ because ____________.

One of the great things about this is it causes great conversation. One night the youth asked me to complete this sentence:
God is like a suicide bomber and/or Hitler because ____________.

I will post my response on next week and perhaps that will create a great conversation...