"You Won't Remember This Either"

This sort animation moved me as I think of my son growing up.

The Animated Life: ‘You Won’t Remember This Either’
By By Jeff Scher
Published: January 6, 2009
A filmmaker turns his eye on his toddler in this animated short.

I will add the strangeness of being a dad has gotten to me lately. It is an amazing and scary thing to look at my son. He is full of life, joy, light and energy. He laughs at the simplest of things, and like most children he is fascinated with lent, mini blinds, day old Cheerios on the floor and wrapping paper. Jude brings me great joy, laughter and delight... it is amazing.

And yet, each time I look at him I am reminded of my own mortality. As he gains a head of beautiful thin hair, my own grows thinner. While he learns to crawl faster and walk even faster, I find it harder to get up out of couches as I used to. As he gets older so do I. Being a parent of one eleven month old really really has been a season of simultaneously expanding and condensing of time.