I have heard it said that the tetragrammaton (I am unsure of the spelling of the fancy word) YHWH, is designed to be unpronounceable. In fact I have heard it said the letter configuration is designed to replicate the sound of one breathing. Inhale (Y), exhale (H), inhale (W), exhale (H). I have heard it asked, “When we are born the first thing we do is take a breath or say the name of God?” I have heard is asked, “Do we die when we cannot take a breath or cannot say the name of God any longer?” As I lay next to my son, watching, listening, and feeling him breath I wonder if I am feeling his breath or am I feeling God?
All of this week I have tried to be as mindful as possible about my breathing. When does it change? Why does it change? Is it heavy with anxiety, or light with peace? When has my breath been taken away and when has it escaped me? In my mini-experiment I have come to the conclusion that I rarely pay attention to my breathing. I take it for granted. So my question is now, “Am I taking breathing for granted or am I taking God for granted?” And the question makes me stop breathing for a moment.