Thin Religion - From Croatian American theologian Miroslav Volf

Thin religion is not laking in zeal. It is religiosity reduced to a formula, and this can render the passion behind it very dangerous.

"It's religiosity reduced to a single symbolic gesture. And once you reduced religion to can then project everything that you want onto that. So you believe in one God who is one, who is powerful and who is also for you. And suddenly you've got this immense servant to do all the dirty work that you need done and for yourself to feel good as that has happened. [Thin religion] isn't textured. It doesn't have depth. It doesn't have relief. It doesn't rely on the long history of that religion with all the varieties of reflections that have gone on in the religion. It doesn't even rely on a full understanding of the sacred writings of the scripture."
-Taken from Krista Tippett's book, Speaking of Faith.