Just another white stiff in worship... me.

I am sitting in worship and we are singing a song titled "Soon, and Very Soon." (Although not like this exactly here is the song for reference).

All we sang was the chorus three or four times. I was next to Nancy Allen and as the congregation sang along I had this deep feeling to stand up and clap. I was actually jumping at the bit to get the congregation to stand, clap and sing along in order to get a new feeling/emotion/energy into the life of the community. But I just sat there. Why??? I am one of the worship leaders and am I not called to give the community permission to worship in countless ways? Why would I reserve myself?

Is it a personal image thing?
Do I not want to 'look' like an idiot?
Do I not embrace my pastoral authority?
Am I afraid I will anger those whom I feel are "in charge"?

I turned to Nancy and told her my feeling of wanting to stand and clap, she said she felt the same thing! We vowed to each other we would not allow that to happen again and if we feel like standing and clapping, damn it, we are going to stand and clap!