Unimportant times when I feel the universe and I are on the same page...

When I find what I am looking for.

When I type something without any spelling errors.

Biting into a crisp apple.

Perfect pumps of gasoline.

Anytime Haribo gummy bears are on sale.

Exact change.

In adolescent development thinking the universe is in line with you as a special individual is known as a "personal fable". I know we all have these feelings at some point in our lives. It is anytime we feel the universe is trying to tell you something in a unique and special way.

For instance, one time my friend and I were talking about buying a lotto ticket. We were just kidding around but then we heard the song "Beautiful Day" by U2. No big deal. We were driving to soccer practice and was talking about the lotto again, and again "Beautiful Day" came on the radio. We took it as a sign and pulled over and bought two lotto tickets. We lost. But anytime we heard "Beautiful Day" by U2 we thought we should by a lotto ticket. To this day I still fight the urge.

Anyone else feel this "personal fable" effect in their lives?