Obama changes more lives than Jesus?

Over the past several days I have noticed there are many people who talk about Obama would change their lives. Some talk about this change in terms of fear while others talk about this change in terms of joy. Regardless of the side of the fence a person is on about Obama there are a lot of people with opinions about how an Obama presidency will change their lives.

I have no problem with this conversation, in fact I have been engaged in these conversations myself.

My problem comes with the seemingly lack of these conversations with Christians and how Jesus has changed or is changing their lives. I have given my life to Jesus and followed him for much longer than I have been following Obama and yet I have heard more conversations about the Obama change in the past two years than I have heard of the Jesus change over the past ten years.

I am glad to see an Obama presidency has invoked passion in people and invited people to examine how their lives will change.

I just want to know, does Obama change more lives than Jesus?