How do I get my own jerk?

Often I feel like I am a jerk because I do not have a very good filter in my head and often call people out on stuff which I think is crazy and thus come off like a jerk. I have been thinking about this flaw of mine and have decided that I not only need to work on that but perhaps this is an outcry for something more?

I like to watch roasts of different celebrities. I like how the flaws of the in celebrity are exaggerated and given a humorous twist so to be both disarming and "razzing".

I like hanging out with good guy friends because everyone gives the others crap with full expectation that you will also receive crap from others. This giving and receiving allows people to point out flaws and at the same time have things pointed out to you about yourself.

I wish I had a person or a few who I could dish out crap to with the expectation that they will dish it back to me, so that I can learn about myself.

If I need to change something, my friends will let me know. If I have a glaring flaw in my personality or character which I do not see but others do (such as I can be combative or defensive), a roast will expose that to me. If I need someone to keep me humble and accountable to my actions, a jerk (in the nicest use of the word) will do that.

How do I get my own jerk?