Are fantasy Dwarfs my shadow side???

I know fantasy is a tricky thing. Some fantasy is cool (think Harry Potter, Twilight and The Chronicles of Narnia). While other fantasy is nerdy (think World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic the Gathering). While other fantasy is deemed as socially weird and odd (think Live Action Role Players, Trekkies, and those who dress up like Chewbacca at a Star Wars movie opening). I locate myself in the authentically nerdy category, so if you are not nerdy or if you do not know what 2D6 means, you can stop reading.

In the realm of fantasy I like the race of dwarfs. I do not know why but I recently came to the conclusion that the dwarfs actually embody many of the things which I do not (and sometimes actively seek to avoid). Here is a list of things which are "dwarfy".

  • Dwarfs love gold - I try to fight the urge of money's hold on me
  • Dwarfs hold grudges - I am not immune to this but I have recently disposed of my "book of grudges"
  • Dwarfs love beer - I do not
  • Dwarfs love beards - I don't shave because I am lazy and shave only when my beard is itchy
  • Dwarfs are very traditional and do not like change - I am not an early adaptor
  • Dwarfs love stone and earth - I am a city boy
  • Dwarfs value age and wisdom - This one actually holds for me
  • Dwarfs love meat - I am not a big fan of meat at all
  • Dwarfs are shorter and wider - I am short but tend to not be that wide
  • Dwarfs are slow and cumbersome - I am slow but more athletic than any dwarf I have met
  • Dwarf men and women look the same - My wife does not have a beard
  • Dwarfs like guns, cannons, axes - I am a proponent of non-violence resistance
In light of all this I still find I am attracted to the any dwarven lore even though if I actually were a dwarf in the fantasy world I would not like it. Am I suppressing a shadow side of my own self and embrace fantasy dwarfs as a way of giving into that shadow side of my own self?

Am I putting too much thought into this?
Does this post move me from nerdy to weird?
Will I dress as Hagrid at the next Harry Potter opening?