Security at the Zoo

Went with the family on Saturday to the Fort Worth zoo to celebrate my mother's birthday. It was great and I highly recommend doing the zoo thing. However, this visit not only made me realize how much I like lions and monkeys, but also at the ridiculousness of "security" in America.

I hate the "security" at airports. Most of the time I feel they are too nit picky and not focused on what really matters. However, I also understand there are still many who fear flying post 9/11. So I will put up with what is asked of me at airports because I do not want to be seen as insensitive to those who were killed on that day. No one ever wants to see such an event happen ever again. When we step into a place where there are several people there used to be a trust between everyone that no harm will be done. Terrorism undercuts that trust and we need to rebuild that trust. So then why is there such drastic security at the airport but ZERO security measures at the Fort Worth zoo?

I am glad there are not measures at the zoo because I honestly think these extreme measures raise anxiety rather than build trust, but why are we inconsistent with these "security" measures? I guess there is not a lot of symbolic power at a zoo and therefor not that high on the list of terrorists targets? Could this explain why it took me hours to get through the security at the Statue of Liberty but only had a ticket scanned at the zoo?