Super power wish

I have never been a fan of the show "Heroes" but I have had conversations with people about the hypothetical question, "if you could have a super power what would you have." A lot of the guys I ask tell me they would fly, a lot of the girls I ask they would want to have invisibility. For the longest time I wanted the power to move things with my mind. Today something new came into my mind which I am seriously considering.

Like Iceman who can shot ice and spiderman who shoots webbing, I like the idea of having the ability to shoot Jamba Juices. I could carry around cups and dish out a delightful cold treat for people. I could not cure global hunger but neither could I do that flying. It might be a peacemaking ability in that how can you get angry when you are holding a semi-frozen fruity drink? Have you ever seen anyone caring a frozen margarita or daiquiri pissed off? Never.

So "magical Jesus", let people who want to fly, fly and those who want to be invisible, let them be so. As for me and my house I choose the power of the juice!