From September 15th 2008 Freakonomics tear-a-way calendar:

"In a paper called "The Economics of 'Acting White,'" the young black Harvard economist Roland G. Fryer Jr. argues that some black students "have tremendous disincentives to invest in particular behaviors (i.e., education, ballet, etc.) due to the fact that they may be deemed a person who is trying to act like a white person (a.k.a. 'selling out')

From September 16th 2008 Freakonomics tear-a-way calendar:

"Black and white television viewers live in separate worlds. While Seinfeld was one of the most popular sitcoms ever among whites, it was never ranked among the top fifty shows watched by blacks. Monday Night Football is one of the few shows to bridge the black-white divide."

What I do not understand is that if a white person tries to 'act black' it is seen as a positive thing among their peers. Why is this? Or is this only true in my experience?

Secondly, if whites and blacks do not even really talk the same language (evidenced by the Seinfeld example) then what makes us think that there is not a race issue in America? We cannot communicate with one another! It is my hope that Obama will be able to be more like Monday Night Football and less like Seinfeld.